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verb (used without object)
Slang. to dance rhythmically in a loose-limbed manner.
a fast dance to reggae music
(slang) a promiscuous female
verb (intransitive)
to perform this dance


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  • Skanky

    adjective (slang) -kier, -kiest 1. dirty, foul-smelling, or unattractive 2. promiscuous skaggy

  • Skanky-ho

    noun 1. (NZ, slang) a promiscuous woman

  • Skara-brae

    noun 1. the site of an excavated Neolithic village on Pomona in the Orkney Islands, dating from c2000 b.c. noun 1. a Neolithic village in NE Scotland, in the Orkney Islands: one of Europe’s most perfectly preserved Stone Age villages, buried by a sand dune until uncovered by a storm in 1850

  • Skarn

    skarn (skärn) A coarse-grained metamorphic rock formed by the contact metamorphism of carbonate rocks. Skarn typically contains garnet, pyroxene, epidote, and wollastonite.

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