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a scooterlike vehicle built of boxes, boards, or the like, and mounted on skate wheels.


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  • Skate over

    verb (intransitive, preposition) 1. to cross on or as if on skates 2. to avoid dealing with (a matter) fully Treat superficially or hurriedly, avoid mentioning, as in He concentrated on the main points of the contract and skated over the details. This idiom transfers the gliding motion of skating to dealing with something in […]

  • Skatepark

    noun 1. a building or enclosure for skateboarding

  • Skater

    noun 1. a person who skates. 2. water strider. noun 1. a person who skates 2. same as skateboarder See skateboarder 3. (Brit, informal) a young person who typically wears baggy clothes and spends a lot of time skateboarding 4. See pond-skater

  • Skate-ski

    verb (used without object), skate-skied, skate-skiing. 1. to glide over snow on skate skis. noun 1. a short snow ski designed to glide quickly and be used on fairly level ground.

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