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Skeletal extension

skeletal extension skel·e·tal extension (skěl’ĭ-tl)
See skeletal traction.


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  • Skeletal muscle

    skeletal muscle n. A muscle that is connected at either or both extremities with a bone and consists of elongated, multinucleated, transversely striated, skeletal muscle fibers, together with connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves.

  • Skeletal system

    skeletal system definition The framework of the body, consisting of bones and other connective tissues, which protects and supports the body tissues and internal organs. The human skeleton contains 206 bones, six of which are the tiny bones of the middle ear (three in each ear) that function in hearing. The largest bone in the […]

  • Skeleton

    noun 1. Anatomy, Zoology. the bones of a human or an animal considered as a whole, together forming the framework of the body. 2. any of various structures forming a rigid framework in an invertebrate. 3. an emaciated person or animal. 4. a supporting framework, as of a leaf, building, or ship. 5. an outline, […]

  • Skeleton-car

    noun, Railroads. 1. a freight car essentially consisting of a central longitudinal girder fastened to the trucks, sometimes supplemented by one or more pairs of cross cantilevers: used for carrying logs or containers.

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