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verb (used without object)
to scurry.


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  • Skelton

    noun 1. John, c1460–1529, English poet. 2. Richard Bernard (“Red”) 1913–97, U.S. actor and comedian. noun 1. John. ?1460–1529, English poet celebrated for his short rhyming lines using the rhythms of colloquial speech

  • Sken

    verb skens, skenning, skenned 1. (intransitive) (Northern English, dialect) to squint or stare

  • Skene

    noun, plural skenai [skee-nahy] /ˈski naɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. (in the ancient Greek theater) a structure facing the audience and forming the background before which performances were given. noun 1. skean.

  • Skep

    noun 1. a round farm basket of wicker or wood. 2. Also, skepful. the amount contained in a skep. 3. a beehive, especially of straw. noun 1. a beehive, esp one constructed of straw 2. (mainly dialect) a large basket of wickerwork or straw

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