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a rough map of the principal features of a locale, as one drawn from memory.


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  • Sketchpad

    noun 1. sketchbook (def 1). A program that allowed users to draw on a screen with a light pen. It supported constraints (e.g. drawing a constrained ellipse produced a circle). It also had some computer aided design features (e.g. computing loads on beams). Sketchpad was the subject of Ivan E. Sutherland’s 1963 MIT PhD thesis, […]

  • Sketchy

    adjective, sketchier, sketchiest. 1. like a sketch; giving only outlines or essentials. Synonyms: cursory, rough, meager, crude. 2. imperfect, incomplete, slight, or superficial: a sketchy meal. 3. Informal. unreliable or unsafe: That street looks pretty sketchy. disreputable or shady: I’d stay away from him; he’s got a sketchy past. adjective sketchier, sketchiest 1. characteristic of […]

  • Skete

    noun, Greek Orthodox Church. 1. a settlement of monks or ascetics.

  • Skeuomorph

    noun 1. an ornament or design on an object copied from a form of the object when made from another material or by other techniques, as an imitation metal rivet mark found on handles of prehistoric pottery.

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