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a snow-covered chute or slide at the side of a hill or built up on top of the hill, the base of the chute having a horizontal ramp that enables a skier to speed down the chute, take off at the end of the ramp, and land further down the hill.
a jump made by a skier from a ski jump.
verb (used without object)
to execute or make a ski jump.
a high ramp overhanging a slope from which skiers compete to make the longest jump
(intransitive) to perform a ski jump


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  • Ski-jumping

    noun 1. a competitive event, included in the Nordic combined, in which a skier jumps from a ski jump, often traveling 230 to 300 feet (70 to 90 meters) in the air, with scores being based on both the skier’s form and the distance of the jump.

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