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a plank, bar, log, or the like, especially one of a pair, on which something heavy may be slid or rolled along.
one of a number of such logs or timbers forming a skidway.
a low mobile platform on which goods are placed for ease in handling, moving, etc.
Compare stillage.
a plank, log, low platform, etc., on or by which a load is supported.

any of a number of parallel beams or timbers fixed in place as a raised support for boats, spars, etc.
any of a number of timbers on which a heavy object is placed to be shoved along on rollers or slid.
an arrangement of planks serving as a runway for cargo.
an arrangement of planks serving as a fender to protect the side of a vessel during transfer of cargo.
sidewise motion of a vessel; leeway.

a shoe or some other choke or drag for preventing the wheel of a vehicle from rotating, as when descending a hill.
a runner on the under part of some airplanes, enabling the aircraft to slide along the ground when landing.
an unexpected or uncontrollable sliding on a smooth surface by something not rotating, especially an oblique or wavering veering by a vehicle or its tires:
The bus went into a skid on the icy road.
verb (used with object), skidded, skidding.
to place on or slide along a skid.
to check the motion of with a skid:
She skidded her skates to a stop.
to cause to go into a skid:
to skid the car into a turn.
verb (used without object), skidded, skidding.
to slide along without rotating, as a wheel to which a brake has been applied.
to slip or slide sideways, as an automobile in turning a corner rapidly.
to slide forward under the force of momentum after forward motion has been braked, as a vehicle.
(of an airplane when not banked sufficiently) to slide sideways, away from the center of the curve described in turning.
Compare slip1 (def 15).
on the skids, Slang. in the process of decline or deterioration:
His career is on the skids.
put the skids under, Informal. to bring about the downfall of; cause to fail:
Lack of money put the skids under our plans.
the skids, Informal. the downward path to ruin, poverty, or depravity:
After losing his job he began to hit the skids.
verb skids, skidding, skidded
to cause (a vehicle) to slide sideways or (of a vehicle) to slide sideways while in motion, esp out of control
(intransitive) to slide without revolving, as the wheel of a moving vehicle after sudden braking
(transitive) (US & Canadian) to put or haul on a skid, esp along a special track
to cause (an aircraft) to slide sideways away from the centre of a turn when insufficiently banked or (of an aircraft) to slide in this manner
an instance of sliding, esp sideways
(mainly US & Canadian) one of the logs forming a skidway
a support on which heavy objects may be stored and moved short distances by sliding
a shoe or drag used to apply pressure to the metal rim of a wheel to act as a brake
on the skids, in decline or about to fail
ski bum


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    verb (used without object), skiddooed, skiddooing. Informal. 1. to go away; get out. skid lid

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    adjective, skiddier, skiddiest. 1. tending to skid or cause skidding: a skiddy shopping cart; an icy, skiddy driveway.

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    noun, Aeronautics. 1. an upright projection or fin, positioned from leading edge to trailing edge in the center of the upper wing of some early airplanes and used to retard skidding.

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