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Skin flute



Read Also:

  • Skin food

    noun 1. a cosmetic cream for keeping the skin in good condition

  • Skin friction

    noun 1. the friction acting on a solid body when it is moving through a fluid skin friction See under drag.

  • Skinful

    noun, plural skinfuls. 1. the amount that a skin container can hold. 2. Informal. a large or satisfying amount of food and drink. 3. Informal. an amount of liquor sufficient to make a person drunk. noun (pl) -fuls 1. (slang) sufficient alcoholic drink to make one drunk (esp in the phrase have a skinful)

  • Skin-game

    noun 1. a dishonest or unscrupulous business operation, scheme, etc. 2. any cheating or fraudulent trick. noun 1. (slang) a swindling trick skin flute

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