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slam, the


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  • Slam-dance

    noun 1. a dance performed to punk rock by groups of people who flail and toss themselves about and slam into one another. verb 1. to hurl oneself repeatedly into or through a crowd at a rock-music concert

  • Slam-dunk

    verb (used with object) 1. Basketball. to dunk (the ball) with great force. noun, Basketball. 1. a particularly forceful, often dramatic dunk shot. noun 1. (basketball) a scoring shot in which a player jumps up and forces the ball down through the basket 2. (informal) a task so easy that success in it is deemed […]

  • Slammed

    verb (used with or without object), slammed, slamming. 1. to shut with force and noise: to slam the door. 2. to dash, strike, knock, thrust, throw, slap down, etc., with violent and noisy impact: He slammed his books upon the table. 3. Informal. to criticize harshly; attack verbally: He slammed my taste mercilessly. noun 4. […]

  • Slammer

    noun 1. a person or thing that slams. 2. Usually, the slammer. Also called the slam. Slang. a prison. noun 1. (slang) the slammer, prison slam-book

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