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Slap in the face

A sharp rebuke or rebuff, as in Being criticized in front of my staff was a real slap in the face, or We thought it quite a slap in the face when they returned our letter unopened. The figurative use of this term, which can also refer to a literal blow, dates from the late 1800s.


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  • Slapjack

    noun 1. a simple card game. 2. a flapjack or griddlecake. noun 1. a simple card game 2. (US) another word for pancake

  • Slap on the back

    A gesture of congratulation, as in The coach gave him a slap on the back for coming in first. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Slap on the side

    (Also called a sidecar, or abbreviated “SOTS”). A type of external expansion hardware marketed by computer manufacturers (e.g. Commodore for the Amiga 500/1000 series and IBM for the hideous failure called IBM PCjr). Various SOTS boxes provided necessities such as memory, hard drive controllers, and conventional expansion slots. [Jargon File]


    noun 1. Also called SLAPP suit. a civil lawsuit brought as an intimidation measure against an activist. verb (used with object), SLAPPed, SLAPPing. 2. to bring a SLAPP against. SLAPP Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

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