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Slap something on

slap something on


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  • Slapstick

    noun 1. broad comedy characterized by boisterous action, as the throwing of pies in actors’ faces, mugging, and obvious farcical situations and jokes. 2. a stick or lath used by harlequins, clowns, etc., as in pantomime, for striking other performers, especially a combination of laths that make a loud, clapping noise without hurting the person […]

  • Slap-up

    adjective, British Informal. 1. excellent; first-rate: a slap-up do. adjective 1. (prenominal) (Brit, informal) (esp of meals) lavish; excellent; first-class slapper

  • Slar

    SLAR sideways-looking airborne radar

  • Slart

    verb (transitive) 1. (Northern English, dialect) to spill (something): to slart the salt

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