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Slapped-cheek disease

another name for fifth disease


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  • Slapper

    noun 1. a sharp blow or smack, especially with the open hand or with something flat. 2. a sound made by or as if by such a blow or smack: the slap of the waves against the dock. 3. a sharply worded or sarcastic rebuke or comment. verb (used with object), slapped, slapping. 4. to […]

  • Slap-plastering

    noun 1. slab plastering. slab plastering noun 1. coarse plastering, as between the studs in a half-timbered wall.

  • Slapshot

    noun 1. (hockey:Ice) a hard, fast, often wild, shot executed with a powerful downward swing, and with the blade of the stick brushing firmly against the ice prior to striking the puck

  • Slap-shot

    noun, Ice Hockey. 1. a very powerful, fast-moving shot of the puck on goal made with a full backswing of the stick and an extended follow-through.

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