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something that is native to, characteristic of, or associated with the Slavs or Slavic.
anything characteristic of, peculiar to, or associated with the Slavs or the Slavonic languages


Read Also:

  • Slavkov

    noun 1. Czech name of Austerlitz. noun 1. the Czech name for Austerlitz

  • Slavo-

    1. a combining form representing Slav, in compound words: Slavophile.

  • Slavocracy

    noun, plural slavocracies. 1. the rule or domination of slaveholders: the slavocracy of the old plantations. 2. a dominating body of slaveholders. noun (esp in the US before the Civil War) (pl) -cies 1. slaveholders as a dominant class 2. domination by slaveholders

  • Slavonia

    noun 1. a historic region in N Croatia. noun 1. a region in Croatia, mainly between the Drava and Sava Rivers

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