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a small vehicle consisting of a platform mounted on runners for use in traveling over snow or ice.
a sledge.
verb (used without object), sledded, sledding.
to coast, ride, or be carried on a sled.
verb (used with object), sledded, sledding.
to convey by sled.


Read Also:

  • Sledder

    noun 1. a person who rides on or steers a sled. 2. a horse or other animal for drawing a sled.

  • Sledding

    noun 1. the state of the ground permitting use of a sled: The mountain roads offer good sledding. 2. the going, or kind of travel, for sleds, as determined by ground and weather conditions. 3. a going, progress, or advance in any field: The job won’t be easy sledding. 4. the act of conveying or […]

  • Sled-dog

    noun 1. a dog trained to pull a sled, usually working in a team. noun 1. any of various hardy thick-coated breeds of dog, such as the Eskimo dog, the husky, and the malamute, developed for hauling sledges in various parts of the highest northern latitudes

  • Sledge

    noun 1. a vehicle of various forms, mounted on runners and often drawn by draft animals, used for traveling or for conveying loads over snow, ice, rough ground, etc. 2. a sled. 3. British. a sleigh. verb (used with or without object), sledged, sledging. 4. to convey or travel by sledge. verb (used without object), […]

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