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Sleep paralysis

sleep paralysis n.
A condition in which, upon waking, a person is aware of the surroundings but is unable to move.


Read Also:

  • Sleep-shade

    noun 1. an opaque, masklike covering for the eyes, usually fitted with an elasticized cord that passes around the head, worn to aid sleep by shutting out light.

  • Sleepshirt

    noun 1. a shirtlike garment, usually knee-length or shorter, worn for sleeping.

  • Sleep-sofa

    noun 1. a sofa that can be used as a bed; sofa bed. noun a form of couch that may be used as a bed

  • Sleep-terror disorder

    [sleep-ter-er] /ˈslipˌtɛr ər/ noun, Psychiatry. 1. night terror.

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