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a pill or capsule containing a drug for inducing sleep.
sleeping pill
a pill or tablet containing a sedative drug, such as a barbiturate, used to induce sleep


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  • Sleeping policeman

    noun 1. a bump built across roads, esp in housing estates, to deter motorists from speeding Also road hump noun a speed bump or hump on the road

  • Sleeping-porch

    noun 1. a porch enclosed with glass or screening or a room with open sides or a row of windows used for sleeping in the open air.

  • Sleep-learning

    noun 1. the act or process of learning during sleep by listening to recordings repeatedly.

  • Sleepless

    adjective 1. without sleep: a sleepless night. 2. watchful; alert: sleepless devotion to duty. 3. always active: the sleepless ocean. adjective 1. without sleep or rest: a sleepless journey 2. unable to sleep 3. always watchful or alert 4. (mainly poetic) always active or moving: the sleepless tides

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