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adjective, sleepier, sleepiest.
ready or inclined to sleep; drowsy.
of or showing drowsiness.
languid; languorous:
a sleepy gesture.
lethargic; sluggish:
a sleepy brook.
a sleepy village.
inducing sleep; soporific:
sleepy warmth.
adjective sleepier, sleepiest
inclined to or needing sleep; drowsy
characterized by or exhibiting drowsiness, sluggishness, etc
conducive to sleep; soporific
without activity or bustle: a sleepy town


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  • Sleepyhead

    noun 1. a sleepy person. noun 1. (informal) a sleepy or lazy person

  • Sleepy-hollow-chair

    noun, U.S. Furniture. 1. an armchair of the mid-19th century, sometimes on rockers, having a single piece forming a high upholstered back and a concave upholstered seat.

  • Sleepy-sickness

    noun, British Pathology. 1. sleeping sickness. sleeping sickness noun, Pathology. 1. Also called African sleeping sickness, African trypanosomiasis. a generally fatal disease, common in parts of Africa, characterized by fever, wasting, and progressive lethargy: caused by a parasitic protozoan, Trypanosoma gambiense or T. rhodesiense, that is carried by a tsetse fly, Glossina palpalis. 2. Also […]

  • Sleet

    noun 1. precipitation in the form of ice pellets created by the freezing of rain as it falls (distinguished from hail2. ). 2. glaze (def 17). 3. Chiefly British. a mixture of rain and snow. verb (used without object) 4. to send down sleet. 5. to fall as or like sleet. noun 1. partly melted […]

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