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adjective, sleetier, sleetiest.
of, relating to, or like sleet.


Read Also:

  • Sleeve

    noun 1. the part of a garment that covers the arm, varying in form and length but commonly tubular. 2. an envelope, usually of paper, for protecting a phonograph record. 3. Machinery. a tubular piece, as of metal, fitting over a rod or the like. verb (used with object), sleeved, sleeving. 4. to furnish with […]

  • Sleeveboard

    noun 1. a small-scale ironing board for pressing sleeves, especially a narrow board that fits inside a coat sleeve.

  • Sleeve-coupling

    noun 1. a cylinder joining the ends of two lengths of shafting or pipe.

  • Sleeve-dog

    noun 1. a very small Pekingese, usually under six pounds in weight and less than six inches (15 cm) tall.

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