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(formerly) a slide rule.


Read Also:

  • Sliding-scale

    noun 1. a variable scale, especially of industrial costs, as wages, that may be adapted to changes in demand. 2. a wage scale varying with the selling price of goods produced, the cost of living, or profits. 3. a price scale, as of medical fees, in which prices vary according to the ability of individuals […]

  • Sliding-vector

    noun, Mechanics. 1. a vector having specified magnitude and lying on a given line.

  • Sliding-window

    networking A method of flow control in which a receiver gives a transmitter permission to transmit data until a window is full. When the window is full, the transmitter must stop transmitting until the receiver advertises a larger window. TCP, other transport protocols, and several link-layer protocols use this method of flow control. (2002-12-02)

  • Slier

    adjective 1. a comparative of sly. adjective, slyer or slier, slyest or sliest. 1. cunning or wily: sly as a fox. 2. stealthy, insidious, or secret. 3. playfully artful, mischievous, or roguish: sly humor. Idioms 4. on the sly, secretly; furtively: a tryst on the sly. adjective 1. a comparative of sly adjective slyer, slyest, […]

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