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flimsy; frail.
adjective -sier, -siest
(US, informal) frail


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  • Slim volume

    noun a thin book, esp. of poetry

  • Slimy

    adjective, slimier, slimiest. 1. of or like slime. 2. abounding in or covered with slime. 3. offensively foul or vile. adjective slimier, slimiest 1. characterized by, covered with, containing, secreting, or resembling slime 2. offensive or repulsive 3. (mainly Brit) characterized by servility

  • Sling

    noun 1. a device for hurling stones or other missiles that consists, typically, of a short strap with a long string at each end and that is operated by placing the missile in the strap, and, holding the ends of the strings in one hand, whirling the instrument around in a circle and releasing one […]

  • Slingback

    noun 1. Also called sling. a woman’s shoe with an open back and a strap or sling encircling the heel of the foot to keep the shoe secure. adjective 2. having such a strap or sling: sling-back pumps. noun 1. a shoe with a strap instead of a full covering for the heel (as modifier): […]

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