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a sledge, drag, or sleigh.
verb (used with object), sliped, sliping.
to peel or strip the outer coating from, especially to peel bark from (a tree or twig).
to slice.

wool removed from the pelt of a slaughtered sheep by immersion in a chemical bath
(as modifier): slipe wool


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  • Slip-joint

    noun 1. a joint made between an older and a newer masonry wall to form a continuous surface, masonry at the end of the newer wall fitting into a vertical groove cut in the end of the older wall.

  • Slip-joint pliers

    [slip-joint] /ˈslɪpˌdʒɔɪnt/ noun, (sometimes used with a singular verb) 1. pliers having a sliding joint, permitting the span of the jaws to be adjusted.

  • Slipknot

    noun 1. a knot that slips easily along the cord or line around which it is made. noun 1. Also called running knot. a nooselike knot tied so that it will slip along the rope round which it is made 2. a knot that can be easily untied by pulling one free end web A […]

  • Slipless

    verb (used without object), slipped or (Archaic) slipt; slipped; slipping. 1. to move, flow, pass, or go smoothly or easily; glide; slide: Water slips off a smooth surface. 2. to slide suddenly or involuntarily; to lose one’s foothold, as on a smooth surface: She slipped on the icy ground. 3. to move, slide, or start […]

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