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slitlamp slit·lamp (slĭt’lāmp’)
See biomicroscope.


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  • Slitlike

    verb (used with object), slit, slitting. 1. to cut apart or open along a line; make a long cut, fissure, or opening in. 2. to cut or rend into strips; split. noun 3. a straight, narrow cut, opening, or aperture. verb (transitive) slits, slitting, slit 1. to make a straight long incision in; split open […]

  • Slit pocket

    noun 1. a pocket on the underside of a garment, reached through a vertical opening

  • Slit-trench

    noun 1. a narrow trench for one or more persons for protection against enemy fire and fragmentation bombs. 2. a foxhole. noun 1. (military) a narrow trench dug for the protection of a small number of people

  • Sliven

    noun 1. a city in E central Bulgaria.

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