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See slivercasting


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  • Slivercasting

    noun a video broadcast aimed at a very narrow niche audience Examples ESPN has shied away from slivercasting. Word Origin 1982 Usage Note also slivercast , (v.), slivercaster , (n.)

  • Slivering

    noun 1. a small, slender, often sharp piece, as of wood or glass, split, broken, or cut off, usually lengthwise or with the grain; splinter. 2. any small, narrow piece or portion: A sliver of sky was visible. 3. a strand of loose, untwisted fibers produced in carding. verb (used with object) 4. to split […]

  • Slivovitz

    noun 1. a dry, usually colorless, slightly bitter plum brandy from E Europe. noun 1. a plum brandy from E Europe

  • Sll

    SLL Sierra Leone-leone (currency)

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