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Slow on the draw

slowly in the wind


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  • Slow on the uptake

    slowly in the wind slow on the uptake see: on the uptake

  • Slop-bucket

    noun 1. slop pail.

  • Slop-basin

    noun, British. 1. a basin or bowl into which the dregs, leaves, and grounds of teacups and coffee cups are emptied at the table. noun 1. a bowl or basin into which the dregs from teacups are emptied at the table

  • Slop

    verb (used with object), slopped, slopping. 1. to spill or splash (liquid). 2. to spill liquid upon. 3. to feed slop to (pigs or other livestock). verb (used without object), slopped, slopping. 4. to spill or splash liquid (sometimes followed by about): The children happily slopped about in the puddles. 5. (of liquid) to spill […]

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