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noun, Physiology.
delta wave.


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  • Slow-wave sleep

    [sloh-weyv] /ˈsloʊˈweɪv/ noun, Physiology. 1. a recurrent period of deep sleep, typically totaling five or six hours a night, distinguished by the presence of slow brain waves and by very little dreaming.

  • Slow-witted

    adjective 1. mentally slow or dull; slow in comprehension and thinking. adjective 1. slow in comprehension; unintelligent

  • Slowworm

    noun 1. blindworm (def 2). noun 1. a Eurasian legless lizard, Anguis fragilis, with a brownish-grey snakelike body: family Anguidae Also called blindworm

  • Sloyd

    noun 1. a system of manual training based on experience gained in woodworking, originally developed in Sweden.

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