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(Northern English, dialect) mud


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  • Sluter

    noun 1. Claus (klaʊs). ?1345–1406, Dutch sculptor, working in Burgundy, whose realism influenced many sculptors and painters in 15th-century Europe. He is best known for the portal sculptures and the Well of Moses in the Carthusian monastery at Champnol

  • Slow-release

    [sloh-ri-lees] /ˈsloʊ rɪˈlis/ adjective, Chemistry, Pharmacology. 1. sustained-release.

  • Slowpoke

    noun, Informal. 1. a person who makes slow progress. noun 1. (informal) the usual US and Canadian word for slowcoach slow off the mark

  • Slow-pitch

    noun 1. a type of softball with ten players per side and in which each pitch must travel in an arc from three to ten feet high.

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