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Usually, small arms. a firearm designed to be held in one or both hands while being fired: in the U.S. the term is applied to weapons of a caliber of up to one inch (2.5 cm).


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    noun 1. weak beer. 2. Chiefly British Slang. matters or persons of little or no importance. noun 1. (informal, mainly Brit) people or things of no importance smacky lips Also, small potatoes . Of little importance, as in Don’t listen to Henry; he’s small beer , or It’s silly to worry about that bill; it’s […]

  • Small-bore

    adjective 1. of, noting, or relating to a .22-caliber firearm. 2. insular or parochial in scope, attitude, etc.: small-bore officials. adjective 1. (of a firearm) having a small bore, especially one of less than .22 calibre

  • Smallboy

    noun 1. the steward’s assistant or deputy steward in European households in W Africa

  • Small-business-administration

    noun, U.S. Government. 1. a federal agency, created in 1953, that grants or guarantees long-term loans to small businesses. Abbreviation: SBA, S.B.A.

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