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Small letter

a lower-case letter


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  • Small-minded

    [smawl-mahyn-did] /ˈsmɔlˈmaɪn dɪd/ adjective 1. selfish, petty, or narrow-minded. small-minded adjective 1. narrow-minded; petty; intolerant; mean

  • Smallmouth-bass

    [smawl-mouth bas] /ˈsmɔlˌmaʊθ ˈbæs/ noun 1. a North American freshwater game fish, Micropterus dolomieu, yellowish-green above and lighter below, having the lower jaw extending to the eye. smallmouth bass /ˈsmɔːlˌmaʊθ ˈbæs/ noun 1. a North American freshwater black bass, Micropterus dolomieu, that is a popular game fish

  • Smallness

    adjective, smaller, smallest. 1. of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little: a small box. 2. slender, thin, or narrow: a small waist. 3. not large as compared with others of the same kind: a small elephant. 4. (of letters) lowercase (def 1). 5. not great in amount, degree, extent, duration, value, etc.: […]

  • Small outline dimm

    storage (SO-DIMM) A smaller kind of DIMM with 72 pins (supporting 32-bit transfers) or 144 pins (64-bit transfers). Regular DIMMs have 168 pins and support 64-bit transfers. Being roughly half the size of the regular DIMM, SO-DIMMs are often used in notebook computers. Kingston Memory Guide (http://kingston.com/tools/umg/newumg05a.asp). (2001-02-16)

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