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fine print.
printed matter in small-sized type.
the detailed wording of a contract, lease, insurance policy, or the like, often set in type smaller than the main body of the document and including general restrictions or qualifications that could be considered disadvantageous:
Make sure you read the fine print before signing.
matter set in small type, as in a contract, esp considered as containing unfavourable conditions that the signer might overlook Also called small print
matter in a contract, etc, printed in small type, esp when considered to be a trap for the unwary
Also, fine print. The details in a contract or other document, often indicating restrictions or other disadvantages. For example, Be sure you read the small print before you sign your name to it, or They had the warranty terms in fine print, so you’d overlook the fact that it was only good for a month. This idiom alludes to the fact that such material is often printed in smaller type than the rest of the document. [ Mid-1900s ]


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