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noun, Rare.
(archaic) any green gemstone, such as the emerald


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  • Smaragdine

    adjective 1. of or relating to emeralds. 2. emerald-green in color. noun 3. Rare. smaragd.

  • Smaragdite

    noun, Mineralogy. 1. a green, foliated member of the amphibole group. noun 1. a green fibrous amphibole mineral

  • Smarm

    noun 1. behavior or speech that is smarmy. verb 1. (transitive) often foll by down. to flatten (the hair, etc) with cream or grease 2. when intr, foll by up to. to ingratiate oneself (with) noun 3. obsequious flattery small-time

  • Smarmily

    adjective, smarmier, smarmiest. 1. excessively or unctuously flattering, ingratiating, servile, etc.: the emcee with the smarmy welcome. adjective smarmier, smarmiest 1. (Brit, informal) obsequiously flattering or unpleasantly suave small time, the

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