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rather smart; fairly intelligent or quick-witted:
smartish answers on a quiz.
rather fashionable; fairly chic or exclusive:
a smartish new restaurant.
fairly impressive or significant:
a smartish number of supporters at the rally.
rather saucy or pert.


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  • Smartly

    verb (used without object) 1. to be a source of sharp, local, and usually superficial pain, as a wound. 2. to be the cause of a sharp, stinging pain, as an irritating application, a blow, etc. 3. to feel a sharp, stinging pain, as in a wound. 4. to suffer keenly from wounded feelings: She […]

  • Smart-mob

    noun 1. a large group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place typically for the purpose of social or political protest.

  • Smart-money

    noun 1. money invested or wagered by experienced investors or bettors. 2. such knowledgeable investors or bettors. 3. Law. punitive or exemplary damages. noun 1. money bet or invested by experienced gamblers or investors, esp with inside information the gamblers or investors themselves 2. money paid in order to extricate oneself from an unpleasant situation […]

  • Smartmouth

    noun (informal) 1. a witty or sarcastic person 2. witty or sarcastic comments smart guy

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