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impressive or wonderful:
a smashing display.
crushing or devastating:
a smashing defeat.
(informal, mainly Brit) excellent or first-rate; wonderful: we had a smashing time


Read Also:

  • Smashmouth

    adjective in sports, playing very aggressively; tending towards confrontation; also written smash-mouth

  • Smash-mouth

    adjective See smashmouth smasher

  • Smash sum

    coalesced sum

  • Smash the stack

    jargon In C programming, to corrupt the execution stack by writing past the end of a local array or other data structure. Code that smashes the stack can cause a return from the routine to jump to a random address, resulting in insidious data-dependent bugs. Variants include “trash” the stack, scribble the stack, mangle the […]

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