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a person who smells.
a person who tests by smelling.
Informal. the nose.
a tactile hair or process, as one of the whiskers of a cat; a feeler.
smell a rat


Read Also:

  • Smell fishy

    Be suspect or suspicious, as in His explanation definitely smells fishy; my guess is that he’s lying. This idiom alludes to the fact that fresh fish have no odor but stale or rotten ones do. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Smellies

    plural noun 1. (informal) pleasant-smelling products such as perfumes, body lotions, bath salts, etc

  • Smelling-bottle

    noun 1. a small bottle or vial for holding smelling salts or perfume.

  • Smelling-salts

    noun, (used with a plural verb) 1. a preparation for smelling, essentially of ammonium carbonate with some agreeable scent, used as a stimulant and restorative. smelling salts plural noun 1. a pungent preparation containing crystals of ammonium carbonate that has a stimulant action when sniffed in cases of faintness, headache, etc smelling salts pl.n. Any […]

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