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a very small amount:
a smidgen of jam for your toast.
(informal) a very small amount or part
smell something out


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  • Smiercase

    noun 1. smearcase. noun, Chiefly North Midland U.S. 1. any soft cheese suitable for spreading or eating with a spoon, especially a sour cottage cheese.

  • Smil

    1. The machine language for a Swedish computer. (ftp://ftp.wustl.edu/mirrors/info-mac/lang/smil-emulator.hqx). 2. Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. (2000-04-21) SMIL Synchronized Media Integration Language

  • Smilacaceous

    /ˌsmaɪləˈkeɪʃəs/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Smilacaceae, a temperate and tropical family of monocotyledonous flowering plants, most of which are climbing shrubs with prickly stems: includes smilax

  • Smilax

    noun 1. any plant belonging to the genus Smilax, of the lily family, growing in tropical and temperate zones, consisting mostly of vines having woody stems. 2. a delicate, twining plant, Asparagus asparagoides, of the lily family, having glossy, bright-green, egg-shaped leaves, cultivated by florists. noun 1. any typically climbing shrub of the smilacaceous genus […]

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