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Smoke point


the temperature at which heated fat or oil starts to break down and burn, giving an unpleasant taste to food
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Read Also:

  • Smoke-pot

    noun 1. a can of chemicals that produces a great quantity of smoke when ignited.

  • Smokeproof

    adjective 1. that cannot be penetrated by smoke: a fireproof and smokeproof compartment.

  • Smokerlyzer

    noun 1. trademark a device for estimating the amount of carbon monoxide in the breath: used in testing whether or not people, esp schoolchildren, have been smoking

  • Smoke-screen

    noun 1. a mass of dense smoke produced to conceal an area, vessel, or plane from the enemy. 2. something intended to disguise, conceal, or deceive; camouflage. smoke screen noun 1. (military) a cloud of smoke produced by artificial means to obscure movements or positions 2. something said or done in order to hide the […]

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