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noun, plural smokehouses
[smohk-hou-ziz] /ˈsmoʊkˌhaʊ zɪz/ (Show IPA)
a building or place in which meat, fish, etc., are cured with smoke.
a building or special construction for curing meat, fish, etc, by smoking


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  • Smokejack

    noun 1. an apparatus for turning a roasting spit, set in motion by the current of ascending gases in a chimney. noun 1. a device formerly used for turning a roasting spit, operated by the movement of ascending gases in a chimney

  • Smokejumper

    noun 1. a firefighter who parachutes to forest fires inaccessible to ground crews.

  • Smokeless

    adjective 1. emitting, producing, or having little or no smoke. adjective 1. having or producing little or no smoke: smokeless fuel

  • Smokeless-powder

    noun 1. any of various substitutes for ordinary gunpowder that give off little or no smoke, especially one composed wholly or mostly of guncotton. smokeless powder noun 1. any one of a number of explosives that burn with relatively little smoke. They consist mainly of nitrocellulose and are used as propellants

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