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a person or thing that smokes.

Also called smoking car. a passenger car for those who wish to .
a compartment for those who wish to .

an informal gathering, especially of men, for entertainment, discussion, or the like.
an enclosed metal box or similar device for smoking meats, poultry, or fish.
British, .
Contemporary Examples

One of their campaigns includes a woman considering the options she has to retain a healthy lifestyle as a smoker.
Big Tobacco’s Biggest Lies Gideon Resnick January 19, 2014

He was out monitoring the smoker’s Corner, which every high school has, while the shooters did their work inside.
Wayne LaPierre, Blaming Everything but Guns Michael Tomasky December 20, 2012

Use any cooking method available: the oven, smoker, or grill.
5 Pioneering Ways to Cook with Beer Stacey Slate February 1, 2010

Historical Examples

When a cigar is smoked in the dark it lights up the smoker’s face at each puff.
Manasseh Maurus Jokai

“You see I’m a smoker,” he added, holding up his yellow-stained forefinger.
The Avenger E. Phillips Oppenheim

He had been a smoker like the rest of the crew, but he gave up “baccy.”
The Lively Poll R.M. Ballantyne

“Not much,” confessed the other as they alighted from the smoker.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 Various

The managers had chartered a special train which was made up wholly of Pullman sleepers, a dining car and a smoker.
Baseball Joe Around the World Lester Chadwick

Slowly, slowly, it went, nearer and nearer to the smoker’s nose.
The Lock And Key Library Various

When the train came along he climbed into the smoker with his own bag, leaving Archie to assist Sally into the chair car.
Blacksheep! Blacksheep! Meredith Nicholson

a person who habitually smokes tobacco
Also called smoking compartment. a compartment of a train where smoking is permitted
an informal social gathering, as at a club
a vent on the ocean floor from which hot water and minerals erupt

1590s, “one who cures meat,” agent noun from smoke (v.). Meaning “one who smokes tobacco” is from 1610s. Railway meaning “smoking car” is from 1875. Smoker’s cough attested from 1898.


A place where intense discussion or negotiation takes place: the smoke-filled rooms of the Democratic Party


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