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formerly, a lamp aboard ship for lighting pipes, now used figuratively to indicate when smoking is or is not allowed:
The smoking lamp is lit.


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  • Smoking-room

    noun 1. a room set apart for smoking, as in a hotel or clubhouse. smoking room noun 1. a room, esp in a hotel or club, for those who wish to smoke

  • Smoking-stand

    noun 1. an ashtray mounted on a low pedestal, often placed next to an armchair, sofa, etc.

  • Smoko

    noun, plural smokos. Australia and New Zealand Informal. 1. a rest period during work. 2. an informal evening entertainment, especially for males. noun (Austral & NZ, informal) (pl) -kos, -hos 1. a short break from work for tea, a cigarette, etc 2. a refreshment taken during this break

  • Smoky

    adjective, smokier, smokiest. 1. emitting smoke, especially in large amounts. 2. hazy; darkened or begrimed with smoke. 3. having the character or appearance of smoke: smoky colors. 4. pertaining to or suggestive of smoke: a smoky haze. 5. of a dull or brownish gray; cloudy. adjective smokier, smokiest 1. emitting, containing, or resembling smoke 2. […]

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