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Smothered steak


a thick tenderized beef cut covered with vegetables and seasoning before slow-cooking; also called Swiss steak
Usage Note

cooking, mainly UK


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  • Smothering

    verb (used with object) 1. to stifle or suffocate, as by smoke or other means of preventing free breathing. 2. to extinguish or deaden (fire, coals, etc.) by covering so as to exclude air. 3. to cover closely or thickly; envelop: to smother a steak with mushrooms. 4. to suppress or repress: to smother feelings. […]

  • Smothery

    adjective 1. stifling; close: a smothery atmosphere.

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  • Smout

    noun (Scot) 1. a variant of smolt 2. a child or undersized person

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