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Snakes and ladders

(functioning as sing) a board game in which players move counters along a series of squares according to throws of a dice. A ladder provides a short cut to a square nearer the finish and a snake obliges a player to return to a square nearer the start


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  • Snakeskin

    noun 1. the skin of a snake. 2. leather made from the skin of a snake. noun 1. the skin of a snake, esp when made into a leather valued for handbags, shoes, etc

  • Snakestone

    noun 1. a piece of porous material popularly supposed to neutralize the toxic effect of a snakebite. 2. ayr stone.

  • Snakeweed

    noun 1. bistort (def 1).

  • Snakewood

    noun 1. the heavy, dark-red wood of a South American tree, Piratinera guianensis, used for decorative veneers, musical instrument bows, etc. 2. the tree that is the source of this wood.

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