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an academic course that can be passed with a minimum of effort.


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  • Snapdragon

    noun 1. any plant belonging to the genus Antirrhinum, of the figwort family, especially A. majus, cultivated for its spikes of showy flowers, each having a corolla supposed to resemble the mouth of a dragon. 2. flapdragon. noun 1. any of several scrophulariaceous chiefly Old World plants of the genus Antirrhinum, esp A. majus, of […]

  • Snap dump

    operating system A memory dump, often partial, requested by a program to display its current status for debugging. Program execution often continues normally following a snap dump, as opposed to a crash dump. [Short for “snapshot”?] (2006-05-27)

  • Snap-fastener

    noun 1. a two-pieced fastening device with a projection that fits into a hole, used especially to hold clothing, pillows, etc., together. snap fastener noun 1. another name for press stud

  • Snaphaunce

    noun 1. an early flintlock mechanism for igniting a charge of gunpowder in a gun.

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