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(informal, mainly Brit) a confusion, obstruction, or tangle, esp a traffic jam


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  • Snarly

    adjective, snarlier, snarliest. 1. apt to snarl; easily irritated. adjective, snarlier, snarliest. 1. full of knotty snarls; tangled.

  • Snash

    noun 1. insolence; impertinence. verb (used without object) 2. to use abusive language; speak disrespectfully.

  • Snatch

    verb (used without object) 1. to make a sudden effort to seize something, as with the hand; grab (usually followed by at). verb (used with object) 2. to seize by a sudden or hasty grasp: He snatched the old lady’s purse and ran. 3. to take, get, secure, etc., suddenly or hastily. 4. to rescue […]

  • Snatch-block

    noun, Nautical. 1. a fairlead having the form of a block that can be opened to receive the bight of a rope at any point along its length. snatch block noun 1. (nautical) a block that can be opened so that a rope can be inserted from the side, without threading it through from the […]

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