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a plastic or glass shield overhanging a salad bar, buffet, or the like to protect the food from contamination.


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  • Sneezeweed

    noun 1. any of several coarse composite plants of the genus Helenium, the flowers of which resemble sunflowers and cause sneezing.

  • Sneezewood

    noun 1. a tree, Ptaeroxylon utile, native to southern Africa: family Ptaeroxylaceae 2. the tough wood of this tree, which has a peppery smell and is used for bridges, piers, fencing posts, etc

  • Sneezewort

    noun 1. a composite plant, Achillea ptarmica, of Europe, the powdered leaves of which cause sneezing. noun 1. a Eurasian plant, Achillea ptarmica, having daisy-like flowers and long grey-green leaves, which cause sneezing when powdered: family Asteraceae (composites) See also yarrow

  • Sneezy

    verb (used without object), sneezed, sneezing. 1. to emit air or breath suddenly, forcibly, and audibly through the nose and mouth by involuntary, spasmodic action. noun 2. an act or sound of sneezing. Verb phrases 3. sneeze at, Informal. to treat with contempt; scorn: $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at. verb 1. (intransitive) to expel […]

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