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adjective, Scot. and North England.
smooth; sleek.
neat; tidy.


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  • Snodgrass

    noun 1. W(illiam) D(ewitt) [duh-wit] /dəˈwɪt/ (Show IPA), 1926–2009, U.S. poet.

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    noun, plural (especially collectively) snoek (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) snoeks. 1. a long, slender marine food fish, Thyrsites atun, of the family Gempylidae, of the southern oceans. noun 1. a South African edible marine fish, Thyrsites atun

  • Snoep

    adjective 1. (South African, informal) mean or tight-fisted

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    verb (used without object), snogged, snogging. British Informal. 1. to kiss and cuddle. verb snogs, snogging, snogged 1. to kiss and cuddle (someone) noun 2. the act of kissing and cuddling snit

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