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a person or thing that snorts.
Informal. something extraordinary of its kind:
a real snorter of a storm.
a person or animal that snorts
(Brit, slang) something outstandingly impressive or difficult
(Brit, slang) something or someone ridiculous


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  • Snorting

    verb (used without object) 1. (of animals) to force the breath violently through the nostrils with a loud, harsh sound: The spirited horse snorted and shied at the train. 2. (of persons) to express contempt, indignation, etc., by a similar sound. 3. Slang. to take a drug by inhaling. verb (used with object) 4. to […]

  • Snot

    noun 1. Vulgar. mucus from the nose. 2. Informal. a disrespectful or supercilious person. noun (usually considered vulgar) 1. nasal mucus or discharge 2. (slang) a contemptible person snot (snŏt) n. Nasal mucus; phlegm. snort

  • Snot-rag

    noun, Vulgar. 1. a handkerchief. snot

  • Snotter

    noun 1. (often pl) another word for snot verb (intransitive) 2. to breathe through obstructed nostrils 3. to snivel or blubber

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