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a relatively hard, upper layer or film of ice or compacted snow on a snow surface.


Read Also:

  • Snow-crystal

    noun 1. a crystal of ice sufficiently heavy to fall from the atmosphere.

  • Snow-day

    noun 1. a day on which public schools or other institutions are closed due to heavy snow. noun 1. (US) a day on which heavy snow makes it impossible for children to attend school

  • Snowdon

    noun 1. a mountain in NW Wales: highest peak in Wales. 3560 feet (1085 meters). noun 1. a mountain in NW Wales, in Gwynedd: the highest peak in Wales. Height: 1085 m (3560 ft) Welsh name Yr Wyddfa noun 1. 1st Earl of, title of Antony Armstrong-Jones. born 1930, British photographer, whose work includes television […]

  • Snowdonia

    noun 1. a massif in NW Wales, in Gwynedd, the highest peak being Snowdon 2. a national park in NW Wales, in Gwynedd and Conwy: includes the Snowdonia massif in the north. Area: 2189 sq km (845 sq miles)

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