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a mound of snow, as a snowdrift or snow shoveled from a road or sidewalk.


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  • Snow-banner

    noun 1. snow being blown off a mountaintop.

  • Snowbell

    noun 1. a small tree belonging to the genus Styrax, of the storax family, having simple, alternate leaves and showy white bell-shaped flowers.

  • Snowbelt

    noun 1. a region of annual or heavy snowfall. 2. (initial capital letter). Also, Snow Belt. Also called Frostbelt. the northern parts of the U.S., especially the Midwest and the Northeast, that are subject to considerable snowfall.

  • Snowberry

    noun, plural snowberries. 1. a North American shrub, Symphoricarpos albus, of the honeysuckle family, cultivated for its ornamental white berries. 2. any of certain other white-berried plants. noun (pl) -ries 1. any of several caprifoliaceous shrubs of the genus Symphoricarpos, esp S. albus, cultivated for their small pink flowers and white berries 2. Also called […]

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