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noun, Geology.
a large and relatively permanent expanse of snow.
a large area of permanent snow
A large expanse of snow, usually with a smooth and uniform surface, and especially at the head of a glacier.


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    noun 1. one of the small, feathery masses or flakes in which snow falls. 2. Meteorology. an agglomeration of snow crystals falling as a unit. any snow particle. 3. any of certain European plants belonging to the genus Leucojum, of the amaryllis family, resembling the snowdrop. 4. snow bunting. noun 1. one of the mass […]

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    noun 1. a white North American wild goose, previously classified as the species Chen hyperborea but now considered the light color phase of the blue goose, C. caerulescens. noun 1. a North American goose, Anser hyperboreus (or Chen hyperborea or A. caerulescens), having a white plumage with black wing tips

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