a machine that makes artificial snow for ski slopes.

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  • Snowmaking

    noun 1. the creation of artificial snow at ski areas.

  • Snowman

    noun, plural snowmen. 1. a figure of a person made of packed snow. noun (pl) -men 1. a figure resembling a man, made of packed snow snowed in

  • Snowmass-mountain

    [snoh-mas] /ˈsnoʊ mæs/ noun 1. a mountain in W central Colorado, in the Elk Mountains, in the S Rocky Mountains: ski resorts. 14,092 feet (4295 meters).

  • Snowmelt

    noun 1. water from melting, snow. 2. the amount of such water. noun 1. water produced by the melting of snow

  • Snowmobile

    noun 1. Also called skimobile, snowcat. a motor vehicle with a revolving tread in the rear and steerable skis in the front, for traveling over snow. verb (used without object), snowmobiled, snowmobiling. 2. to operate or ride in a snowmobile. noun 1. a small open motor vehicle for travelling on snow, steered by two skis […]

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