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Social chapter

the section of the Maastricht Treaty concerning working conditions, consultation of workers, employment rights, and social security. The UK government negotiated an opt-out clause from this section of the treaty in 1993 but adopted it in 1997


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  • Social charter

    noun 1. a declaration of the rights, minimum wages, maximum hours, etc, of workers in the European Union, later adopted in the Social Chapter

  • Social-class

    noun, Sociology. 1. a broad group in society having common economic, cultural, or political status.

  • Social cleansing

    noun the process of removing an undesirable social group from an area Word Origin similar to ethnic cleansing

  • Social-climber

    noun 1. a person who attempts to gain admission into a group with a higher social standing. social climber noun 1. a person who seeks advancement to a higher social class, esp by obsequious behaviour Sometimes shortened to climber

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